about relieflinenorth - About Us

Our organization is dedicated to transit networks in general, their design, improvement, any assessments needed to develop them, and the whole process.

Our Projects

At Relief Line North, we have a soft spot for small third worldly communities that are oftentimes isolated due to a lack of public transportation to commute to and from. If they have it hard to go to work or to study, the whole community suffers, and we can’t turn a blind eye to this issue.

Additionally, we enjoy offering webinars and conferences about how these small communities can develop their road design according to their requirements. We can provide environmental assessments to give them a leg up and our team is always happy to give them extra tips and pointers.

Our Aim

We aim at growing bigger and stronger each year, build strong ties with the communities in and around Toronto, and establishing a relationship with the government. We are confident that all our hard work and networking will pay off, as our existing projects speak volumes about our commitment to proficiency.

If you want to hire our services or belong to a third world community that could use our help for free, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.